Falling In Love With Nail Polish

Soooo Tuesday I had a PLL viewing get together at my house. My friend Nondi who oh so adore brought some new nail polish she bought. Me being who I am I put all the colors on my hands like I was hand modeling them for an advertisement or something knowing good and well I can’t wear nail polish to work which I was scheduled for the next day. BUT I am so very glad that I tried them on anyway because I have officially fell in love with them. Whats it called you ask? AMERICAN APPAREL NAIL POLISH!!! They have all sorts of colors from nude to neons to metallics to glitters. They have a gelish finish on them and goes on the nail nice and smooth. Only needs one coat really. Okay so here’s the pictures of what I was wearing they have selection of colors that come in a 3 pack for $15 OR one for $6